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NIPPLES & PALM TREES is an honest world and an honest movie, so staying in that world we don't hold anything back. We knew going in that this movie wouldn't be for everyone. So we present some peoples thoughts about the film. Some people got it, some people didn't and some people really didn't but that's the way of the world. Any reaction is a good reaction but the best way to form an opinion is not to listen to anybody else but ofcourse to see the film and judge it for yourself. So enjoy these reviews and take them for what they are, people's opinions. 
                                       -MATT JAMES




Reviewed by Matt the Movie Guy

"... For me it felt like those great 90s indie flicks that were like an echo effect of the French New Wave and 70s New Hollywood from new directors who grew up in the 60s and 70s with those as their influences.  Being born in the late 70s and really coming of age as a moviegoer in the 90s, I loved that time, when it felt like every flick at the local indie theater or every Neo-Noir or character-driven comedy I picked up off the video store shelves was a gem..."



"The biggest surprise of the year"  

Reviewed by Juanvasquez

Given the title, and the fact it’s billed as a sex comedy, the preconception could be that Nipples and Palm Trees, sounds like a cheap cable TV late night movie of the week or American Pie-esque farce. And while that’s not neccesseraly a bad thing, the film certainly came as something of a surprise. 

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“In all, if more romantic comedies were like this, I could become a fan after all!”

By Mike Haberfelner

Nipples & Palm Trees looks, feels and plays like the evil twin of your typical sanitized Hollywood-style romantic comedy: It’s naughty, it’s dirty, it’s sleazy, it’s raunchy, it uses strong language, is unapologetic about its alcohol, drug and nicotine use … and it also feels so - well, real. That’s basically because it tells a story one can relate to, honsetly talks about the feelings and failings in everybody’s love life, doesn’t force a happy ending upon the audience, and while many a scene (like the surprise gangbang) are most certainly exaggerated, they never feel moronic. This all is also reflected on a directorial level: The camera rarely shies away from anything but isn’t too blunt in approach either, does not go for cheap sight gags that could distract from the story, and doesn’t try to take over the narrative with extreme imagery the script certainly might evoke.

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By Patrick Ricketts

Going by the film's title and it's trailer this just looks like a raunchy comedy filled with one sex scene after the other and you would be half right in thinking so but there's a bit more to the film than just those two things. Underneath it all there's a drama about a man who is at a stage in his life when one night stands are just not enough anymore and he is looking for something more, like a long term relationship. 

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by Max Ingram

Love can be a drug. It can haul us, cartwheeling and half-conscious to whatever gods we choose to make sacrifice to. But it can also destroy us. Pitch us headlong into the voids below. Those dark places. The ones we don’t like looking for. And in “Nipples & Palm Trees,” the latest film from director Dylan Reynolds, we find ourselves taken on just such a journey. All the highs, all the lows, and every scratched out foothold in between.

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By Nathaniel Thompson 

Well, that's certainly a title, isn't it? In case you hadn't guessed, this indie art film/comedy takes place in Los Angeles, a city that's certainly brought out the seedy side of filmmakers for decades. The results are almost always idiosyncratic and built for cult approval, though of course that also means we could be talking about films by Henry Jaglom or, uh, The Room... 

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Interesting, Extremely Suggestive and Sexually ‘Peeked ‘!

By Lorenzo Marchessi

Writer and lead actor in this film, Mathew James (NYPD Blue, Angel) , wrote an interesting tale of one of the most sexually frustrated people I have ever seen on screen before in this independent production. He plays a man called Jackson who is a very confused individual who seems to have extreme issues with the dating process, relationships and women in general – almost as many issues as the US economy currently has with the dollar bill!

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"Nipples & Palm Trees" at least has the advantage of truth in advertising: Expect several nipples, some palm trees -- and plenty of rutting in cheap apartments in the City of Angels. Expect little else, however, as director-editor-producer Dylan Reynolds and writer-producer-star Matt James concoct a little slice of trash about a sad-sack artist who claims he wants to find love, but finds nothing in Los Angeles but a parade of sex-crazed women. Brief theatrical window will give way to decent VOD clicks from bedroom viewers looking for kicks.

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By the guy who really hated it-Gary Goldstein

If the title "Nipples and Palm Trees" sounds dubious, just wait till you see the movie - a dreary, dirty-talking sex comedy from the you've-got-to-be-kidding-me school of filmmaking. Whatever writer-producer-star Matthew James and producer-editor-director Dylan Reynolds had in mind with this DIY effort (Reynolds says he's channeling Godard and Cassavetes - really?)

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