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Statement Beaded Necklacechunky bead necklace, green and gold leaf



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"Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold." This unique, beaded necklace will catch many eyes. It is definitely a statement piece.Each bead was hand formed and shaped by myself, and then painted and sealed with a varnish. Years ago I was at a popular clothing store and they had some necklaces that caught my eye. They were bright and colorful, big, plastic, chunky beads and I was tempted to buy one, but something stopped me. I can\u2019t remember if it was because they were all monochromatic color schemes, or all the beads were the same shape, or what, but I thought to myself \u201cI could make a necklace like that for myself, but even more AWESOME.\u201d I envisioned a statement piece of jewelry, with a variety of big chunky beads in different color schemes, that were candy like. I've been making these necklaces ever since.The beads are linked on a knotted and expandable leather cordThe necklace is wide enough to slip over your head, at just over 24 inches around at it's widest, and can be cinched up to be as high as you like it. Please view last picture for size reference with a pencil. This is not a small necklace, but is not heavy either. It is a handmade necklace, so care should taken while wearing and storing it. It is lightly water resistant (with the varnish) but is NOT water proof., green

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