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Here is a charming collection of 3 quilted rings. \r\rI machine quilt the fabric and hand stitch the seam in the back. Please click through the images to the right to see closer details of what this looks like. \r\rThe rings pictured here are just samples and not the actual rings you will receive. This listing for 3 rings will vary in fabrics and stitching as these are each one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. Very durable, I've made similar rings and worn them for years.\r\rPlease leave a note while checking out, letting me know which ring size you would like. Because of the nature of fabric and the fact that these rings are all handmade, sizes may vary slightly. I do use a ring mandral to check size, but fabric has more give than metal, so please keep this in mind when ordering your rings. Thank you.\r\rIf there are particular colors you prefer, please leave a note in the buyers message and I will do my best to try and find fabrics in those colors from my personal collection.i, fabric

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