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pendant necklace, Resin Maroon Cat Women Pendant Element EARTH pagan cat jewelry



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I designed this series of cat women pendants to express the different natural elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.\r\rThe garnet Earth cat is fertile, nurturing and stable. She is very feminine and passionate.\r\rI sculpted the pendants in chevant clay and then made silicone molds from this original. The pieces are then cast in resin, painted with spray enamel and acrylic paint. The pendants are finished off with clearcoat to protect the paint job. Black felt finishes off the back of the pendant.\r\rThe 1.5 inch or 2.54 cm pendant is strung on black suede cord 18 inches or 45.72 cm in length. The brown wooden bead is strung on the cord so you can adjust the length of the cord when wearing the pendant.\r\rIf you have any questions or would like a pendant in a custom color, please feel free to contact us.\r\rWe ship internationally. Our shipping fees include packaging as well as postage. Any postage cost overage on our part that is over 1.00 will be refunded., resin cat pendant

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