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Heyturquoise earrings, gorgeous ears. I'd like to hang with you



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If you follow my shop, you'll notice I have a thing for turquoise.Sure, it's freaking beautiful. Stylish. All that.But what obsesses me is the stories, myths, powers, and importance ascribed to this humble agate-like stone throughout history. And I say humble, because few gems start their lives as copper-rich water soaking into cracked desert rocks...and then make their way onto the heads and fingers and necks of monarchs, explorers, gunslingers, and healers.Done in brass wires, and a combo of natural and treated turquoise, these earrings start with a morsel of turquoise, and drop down to eccentric, asymmetric fringe. They are lighter than they look, but still pack a serious statement. Brass earwires clip closed for security.Metal allergy info: brass wire and earwires contain copper, zinc, and aluminium., fringe

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