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contemporary, Heart Earrings .925 Solid Sterling silver swirls heart dangle drop earrings finely detailed



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Gorgeous lightweight filigree lacy design heavily detailed sterling silver heart earrings.These earrings are barely over 1" long to the top of the ear wire and about 5/8" wide. The heart is a solid piece of silver with the design slightly raised from the darker background. Shiny and reflective these earrings are wearable everyday and can be dressy or casual. Easily wearable to a dinner party or to the movies. Very unusual effect and stunning in person Each piece is polished to a high shine to give the most sparkle and reflectivity. All packages are shipped in padded envelopes in a gift box. I wrap and pack very carefully. These will arrive ready to give as a gift. Thank you for looking at my jewelry.BarbaraMcCray Studios Sterling Silver Jewelry light heart earrings, lightweight earring

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